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There are many opportunities for English teachers to teach English in Korea. English is a world language and in Korea opportunities for teaching English are diverse. These jobs are actually Teaching English as s second language (ESL) opportunities. Most schools employ foreigners as English Language instructors or teachers. Linguists place the Korean language in the Altaic language family and others consider it to be a language isolate.

Koreans wish to learn the language so that they are more attuned to the job market around them. As a result there are many opportunities for those with degrees in English and related subjects to be employed as language teachers in Korea. Most English Teachers are required in Language institutes or hakwons in Korean. There are also opportunities in govt. /private research centers, corporate /in-house language programs, university language institutes, editing/public relations, advertising companies, and private teaching/informal classes. If one wishes to be happily employed as language teacher or language instructor in Korea one need to be employed by a reputable school and sign on the dotted line of a well-written contract.

Most Hakwons employ instructors for teaching conversation classes and sometimes for writing classes. The average salary is presently about 1.5 million won per month. Chaebols or large corporate groups in Korea employ instructors in the large in-house programs they conduct.

There is a usual duration of anything between 3 to 6 months for the courses on offer. The average salary is 1.5 to 2 million won per month. Foreign language institutes in universities offer pay, status and benefits among the best in Korea. The majority of students are business people. There are university students too.

For the purpose of instructing on the English language, several teachers are employed on a full time basis. These full time teachers can expect salaries of about 1 million Won each month. There is also the provision of paid leave for a period of about three to four months in addition to this. Research institutes are run by government agencies and private companies. These institutes employ foreigners who major in humanities, economics or business administration as editors. They pay quite well.

Many public relation companies and advertising companies hire foreigners to work as copy?editors and sometimes as teachers. The salaries are quite high. The Koretta/Epic Korean Govt. Program is a government sponsored program that has disadvantages.

The housing, benefits and reliability of pay are not adequate and leave much to be desired. There is steady improvement. There is scope for part-time employment too. As a matter of fact, there are several scopes for the full term instructors to offer courses on part time basis. Permission is to be taken from immigration authorities. All the information about employment opportunities as English Teachers in Korea brings us to the question how beneficial it is to work as English teacher/instructor in Korea.

The answer lies in the article itself. The opportunities are quite lucrative if one goes about it carefully and does not fall into the trap of loopholes that sometimes gape at you when you are going to work in any foreign country. If these are taken care of, working in Korea as English teacher is a welcome option for many professionals.

Craig White is author of this article on Teaching English in Korea. Find more information about Living and working in Korea here.

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