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Canada's Wonderland
Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Toronto, Canada

History of Paramount Canada's Wonderland

The park first opened in 1981. At that time, Wonderland only had 5 roller coasters. They are
The Mighty Canadian Minebuster, Wild Beast, Dragon Fire, Ghoster Coaster, and Blauer Enzian, which is now Thunder Run. Thunder Run was first located where The Fly is now, but in 1986 it had been moved into the Wonder Mountain. Before Splash Works opened in 1992, Minebuster ran with nothing around it. In 1985, SkyRider was added and shared the back of the park with the Minebuster. In 1987, The Bat was added to the park. Vortex was added in 1991. It's built over the Wonder Mountain and over the water. In 1994, Paramount Parks bought Wonderland, and that began the construction of Movie Themed Rides. The first was Top Gun in 1995. Drop Zone, the best ride in the park was added in 1997. The year 2000 began the construction of Mondial Flat Rides. Cliffhanger (2000), Shockwave (2001), and Psyclone (2002). In 2004, Tomb Raider : The Ride was built, which is Canada's only flying coaster. For 2005, The Italian Job : Stunt Track was added, which is located near the Minebuster. That's all the Wonderland history that I know of.

How do you get to Paramount Canada's Wonderland?

Paramount Canada's Wonderland is located alongside Highway 400, about 20 minutes North of Downtown Toronto. To get to Paramount Canada's Wonderland, take Highway 400 to the Rutherford Road exit and the main entrance to the park is East of Highway 400, just North of Rutherford Road.

When is the best time to visit?

Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during the Summer, and Sundays during spring and fall.

Where should I stay?

You can read reader reviews and check room rates for hotels in and near Paramount Canada's Wonderland on our Canada's Wonderland hotels page.

How do I get tickets to Paramount Canada's Wonderland?

Tickets are avilable through Ticketmaster, online at http://www.canadas-wonderland.com, at the park, or through many corporate partners.

What's new at Paramount Canada's Wonderland?

New 2006 attraction:
Mission Impossible Stunt Spectacular Show

Plan your day at Paramount Canada's Wonderland

Come early
Avoid rides with long queue waits, like IJ:ST
Be comfortable where you are

Is Paramount Canada's Wonderland safe?

Like at all major theme parks, you'll be safer in Paramount Canada's Wonderland than you'll be on the highway driving there. Check our Accident Watch section for recent injury accidents at Paramount Canada's Wonderland.

Parents should also be sure to take a look at our list of rides with height restrictions at Paramount Canada's Wonderland. For more tips to help ensure that you and your family stay safe, visit our theme park safety tips page.

What's coming next to Paramount Canada's Wonderland?

Mission Impossible Stunt Spectacular Show

This article was submitted by Denis T. on August 20, 2005.