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How The Cheap Flat Screen TV Has Changed Our Soceity

The flat screen TV has become the very popular must have state of the art electronic equipment that most people want to have in their homes. Who can blame them or deny that fact? The flat screen TV has replaced the tube televisions of the past. They come in various sizes and some can be mounted directly on your wall. Their lighter size allows people to free up space a lot more space.

Watching shows on a big screen television used to be the cool thing that people use to do, but now you can get the same size with better color and more features. The flat screen has really come a long way and has affected more than just the television industry. You have probably noticed that these monitors have been around for a long time. Flat screen monitor's first run of production were still quite large and heavy, but instead of a round screen, this was inserted. From there the goal of designers and engineers to have a monitor that was not as large, heavy, or bulky.

It was a huge year 1964, same year of discovery for the flat screen TV industry. Plasma technology was discovered in part thanks to a growing need by scientists to have a computer screen that did not have to constantly refresh itself. The plasma offered a much better screen resolution and provided a huge difference from having to use a regular television set as a computer monitor. This is how LCD and plasma TV's came out of this revolution in technology. It did not happen overnight, but it was a starting point from which scientists began to work. Television has come a long way far from its humble beginnings.

It was very unique to possess something that could transmit a program from the other side of the country. Sure the image was faint and in black and white, but it was still an item that only the wealthy possessed at that time. Eventually it became more affordable just like items always do.

The television then evolved into color and bigger screen sizes. Then they became much larger in size, some as tall as the average person. Too bad some the images were distorted and lost its vibrant colors. By design LCD and plasma solved those dilemmas by changing from a cathode ray to the use of plasma.

People from everywhere are definitely jumping into the flat screen TV craze. Even the high price does not seem to be intimidating to most buyers when they compare the differences between their older tube models and the new fantastic versions. However, as more manufacturers discover new technology as well as enter the market, the prices will fall.

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