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How to prevent buying a fake designer handbag

How to Prevent Buying a Fake Designer Handbag. .Why fake designer handbags are being manufactured? You may ask.
As fashion designer handbags/ purses are a very expensive, this makes them a very lucrative business. So there are many who want to get into this lucrative business, the prices are very high and when handbags are being manufactured at a fraction of the cost then the profit margin is huge, this is the major reason many are getting into this business.

.Today in many Asian countries the door are open for fabricating all kind of counterfeit merchandise and fake designer handbags are among them as well.
These fake designer handbags are being made similar to the original designer handbags and many shoppers who do not know much about designer handbags are being cheated. .Fake designer handbags manufacturer always try to bring the cost of their handbag production to minimum to have even more profits, they use cheap labors, not much control over workmanship because they want to make more handbags, they use very cheap material instead of leader, plastic instead of expensive metal, so if you as fashion designer handbag buyer are not familiar with designer handbags, you will be easily lured to buy one of these fake designer handbags.

.The first thing you have to know is where to buy authentic designer handbags instead of
fake designer handbags. Do some research to find licensed shops that sell genuine designer handbags, designer handbags are not being manufactured at large qualities so their retailers can not get as many as they wish,
If a shop carries many of fashion designer handbags, be suspicion about the store, they probably carry fake designer handbags. .

Donā??t rush to buy, use your common sense and examine handbags that you are interested, when examining the handbags, take a look at stitches both internal and external and try to find errors.
Take a close look at the stitches, are they uneven or is there any missing?
Examine the exterior material; is it made of plastic?
Fake designer handbags are not made of leader?
Examine the zipper if there is any, and see if everything is aligned properly.
Is there any excess fabric or thread hanging around?
Which means lack of workmanship control?
Fake designer handbags have always lack of it.

.Take a close look at exterior to see if there are any damages of any kind, even scratches or scuff, especially at the bottom of the handbag. All these could be a sign that the handbag is a fake designer handbag. .One thing to remember that designer handbags manufacturer has a very high workmanship control over their products, even when they want to ship the product to their retailers.

Handbags are being wrapped one by one to minimize the risk of being damaged. .If buttons have been used take a close look at them are they plastic?
Is there any logo or printed letters on the handbag?
Examine them to see if the printed materials are blurred or misaligned or even misspelled.

These are also a sign that the handbag is a fake designer handbag.
Is there anything not being sewed and have been glued instead?
If you intend to buy designer handbags online make sure the store is reputable,
Because there are literally many fake designer handbags store online as well.
There reputable auction sites like e-bay that are safe to shop, if you intend to buy from e bay make sure take a look at the seller reputations, read feedbacks that buyers have left for the seller both positive feedback and negative.

Hopefully this information help to not get cheated of buying a fake desinger handbag.

For more information about Fake Designer Handbags visit our designer handbags sore, in addition to see more selection of gucci handbags, Louie Vuitton handbags, Vera Bradley handbags, Prada handbags, Vintage Handbags and many more.

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