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Is Mp Rocket Legal And Why

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to file sharing and P2P programs is whether or not the programs are actually legal and the recent barrage of lawsuits against people who use them has made individuals hesitant about signing up and using these types of programs. The first thing is that yes Mp3 Rocket is a legal program. File share programs in and of themselves do not constitute copyright infringement.

There have been a number of court rulings in several countries, which state this fact.

It is the files themselves that you have to be careful of. There are a couple of ways to tell if a file is legal or not. Mp3 Rocket makes it easier to tell and easy to be sure the files you are downloading are ones that are safe to do so.

The first thing is that they provide a key that gives you symbols to let you know the type of licensing a particular file has. For example, they have symbols for creative common licenses, this allows free sharing for non commercial use and of course there is public domain, which includes files, which are no longer covered under copyright due to primarily age.

The second thing that Mp3rocket provides to you to help ensure that you keep yourself protected is it provides a link to the copyright office. The copyright office has a search function, which allows you to search for an item to see if it is protected under copyright. If it is, do not download it.

There is a new type of license that has come out that allows individuals to listen to a song up to three times without violating copyright. For those that have copyrighted material on your computer or files that you do not want to share Mp3rocket provides a way for you to protect those files from being shared.

There are built in options which allow you to designate which files you want to share and which you do not. This can easily be done through the menu. This function is designed to protect your computer and data from being shared on the network.

However, taking these precautions are ways to protect yourself.

It does not make file sharing programs illegal or make the program itself a violation of copyright. There are even some courts who are ruling that files shared on these programs may not be in violation either since making a copy for yourself is not illegal and many people view digitalizing and storage as data to be legitimate under copyright law.

Moreover, that sharing the file is simply the same as having a cd rack and allowing a friend to borrow a disk. This is still highly debated and it is best to be safe when using these programs.

In addition, while the program itself does not contain viruses, adware or spyware it does not protect against you picking these things up from other programs. As you can see while file share and person 2 person programs such as Mp3rocket are legal there is still a great deal of controversy over the files that are shared through the networ


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