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Musical Instruments Make Better Toys

So many children's toys these days have virtually no value after a very short time. Musical instrument toys however have the potential to last for a lifetime. Not just from a durability perspective, but they are one of the few toys you can buy your children that can have a positive effect on them for the rest of their lives.

Apart from the educational value, musical instrument toys can expose your children to the value of art and artistry through music. There are musical instrument toys for kids of all age. From infants to teenagers.

Of course, at some point they stop being toys, and become real musical instruments. Apart from the biggest difference being price, the older your kids are when playing with musical instruments, the more likely the positive long term effects will be. It Starts With A Little Rhythm The younger the better. All babies love banging pots and pans, which is a pretty reasonably priced solution for a musical instrument, but at some point you may want to move them up to something thatdoesn't have spaghetti stains on it. Possibly even something a little quieter.

Some basic little xylophones, or tiny baby sized piano keyboards would be a good choice. I've seen some music books with a piano keyboard attached. The keys were all numbered, and the music book had the numbers superimposed on top of the written notes. Simple enough for any child to pick up, as well as providing a great introduction to reading sheet music.

Albiet at a very simplistic level, but still a start. Some Professional Help When introducing them to enough different types of musical instrument toys, you will have an opportunity to observe, which musical instruments seem to spark an interest in them. Or if your really lucky, you may notice that they have a naturalaptitude for certain instruments. While true musical prodigies are far and few between, there are varying degrees of talent for those of us below the prodigy level. As they get older, it may be time to seek out the guidance of a qualified musical instructor. While children will likely enjoy their early lessons immensely, there will come a point where it will become boring and tedious for them.

It's important to strike a good parental balance at this point. While it's important not to let them quit just because their bored, it's also important not to force them to do something till they despise it. Musical instrument toys can be a great choice for children of all ages. And with any luck, and a little persistence, it can have a positive effect on a child that will last a lifetime.

If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about musical instrument toys visit http://makingmusicalinstruments.info or read more articles about musical instrument toys and other topics by this author at http://foolishmumbles.com

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