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Myfreevideosus is the best online video portal

Myfreevideos.us is the best online video portal This site happens to be one of the most popular as well as useful video interface. It has gained popularity due to its fast search options which gives results many times as that of other video portals. This site combines the search or browsing experience of some of the most popular portals like youtube.com, dailymotion.

com, google video, revver etc. The videos are smartly categorized and hence sorting out can be done easily. There are top videos displayed on the site and they are categorized into top rated news, sports, entertainment, music, popular, recent and the highest rated videos. With more than 12 million videos, entertainment, home video, music, comedy, sports, animation, cars and vehicles, pets and animals, news and stunt videos can be seen in this site. There is also a general search option available and videos can be filtered using category, tag, and channel filters. It even has refining by user options which is a concept very new.

The most popular videos can be sorted out by the time of uploading, for example, videos being uploaded at that moment, hour, day, week, month etc. The site's got free as well as rented videos available and also with varying quality with ranges like fair, good and excellent visual. This brings to screen, the many videos about interests, hobbies, eyewitness accounts of recent news and distant beautiful and not-so-good places, and everything else ranging from the strange to the spectacular stuff. The video formats like win, real, hi-g, flash, gt are seen on the site. The figure telling us the number of times the video has been viewed is very helpful in decided the nature of the video. The most recent, most relevant, and top rated video links are available so they can be easily accessed.

This site hosts thousands of titles and most of them can be viewed for free, viewable online on Windows as well as on Macintosh PCs. Attracting users from all around the world this site has grown to be one of the most diverse video share websites with many of their videos being professional in nature containing newscasts, commercials and short films etc. It caters to the needs of the audience and offers a search boxes to browse the many categories available. The movies have picture previews along with descriptions which help us decide on the nature of the video.

We can even submit videos and also choose whether you want to allow people to comment on it. On allowing comments we can moderate them first hand before making them available on the site hence avoiding inappropriate comments. More than 50 search results can be accommodated in a single page. The video lengths can also be chosen with options available like short, medium and long. They have options for adding the site to the favorites list, that is, to bookmark, and also tell-a-friend option. It is entertaining to spend time on so much free content and with good organization it is easy to discover some of the most interesting contents hosted by the site.

Avi Wolfsonis author of this article on Free bookmark. Find more information about Top music videos here.

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