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Pop Music Remember the s

Pop music of the 90s was fun. While some view this musical time period as one of the worst for the genre, others beg to differ. One thing is for sure the 1990s brought a host of one-hit wonders, as well as catchy tunes that soon faded in the shadows of fad history. These are the songs we remember the most (for good or for bad) because they were often part of a heavy rotation on our radios and television music channels. Pop music in the 90s offered a variety of songs, combining an array of varied musical genres, such as rap and country.

For instance, who really took Vanilla Ice seriously with his infectious poor excuse for rap, Ice Ice Baby This was clearly pop music in disguise. Another pop music entry added to the list of one hit wonders during the 90s was Groove is in the Heart by Deee lite. This is what pop music is all about fun, fast and catchy. You can still listen to this song and cant help but to move to the beat.

How many of you still try to make that signature pop sound with the inside of your mouth Many people associated pop music of the 90s with an infusion of high-energy tunes. This is when groups, such as the Spice Girls made their mark with hits like Wannabe. Their crazy appearance and unique personalities encouraged females, both young and old, to embrace their individuality. Speaking of being yourself, RuPaul captured many listeners with his/her pop songs, such as Supermodel (You Better Work). You didnt need a runway to appreciate this fun tune. Pop music in the 90s also touched on controversial social and cultural issues that made you think and enter debate with family and friends.

Michael Jackson (the King of Pop) challenged our perceptions of race with his intense, visually elaborate Black or White song. You could think whatever you want about his lifestyle, but the song and music video were quite interesting. The different faces of people morphing into one another were a real treat for pop music listeners. What about the pop music fads that emerged during the 90s? You cant deny that you attempted or thought about trying the Macarena, which became a fad from the song of the same name by Los Del Rio.

This wasnt the only dance fad to come out of the 90s. The pop country tune of Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus became quite popular, bringing non-country listeners to kick up their heels. Some television shows during the 90s produced pop music hits through their theme songs. How Do You Talk To An Angel by the Heights dominated pop music charts and radio stations.

Just like many songs during the 90s, the tune and group soon passed by. Depending on what nightclub you frequented, you were either Getting Jiggy Wit It with Will Smith or striking a pose with Madonnas Vogue. The pop music of the 90s definitely brought wallflowers to the dance floor and sent you home drenched in sweat. Then there were the borderline rap tunes of the 90s that found a place in the vinyl and tape collections of pop music listeners. Fun tunes, such as Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lott and The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground were accepted by a wide range of music fanatics.

In this category, we might as well throw in the fond memories of Informer by Snow and Come Baby Come by K7 while we are at it. During the 90s, we even allowed ourselves to accept and indulge in the syrupy pop tunes of the Hanson brothers, such as their popular Mmm Bop song. There is always a crop of songs during any era that for some reason gain a certain level of popularity that we cant quite put our finger on. For some, these songs might include Rico Suave by Geraldo, Cantaloop by US3 (what was that song even about?) and 2 Legit 2 Quit by MC Hammer.

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