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Happy Days Out For The Whole Family

by Heywood Hall

A day out with the family always seems like a great idea - until you discover that everyone has different ideas about where they'd like to go and what they want to do. Particularly true in families that have children across a wide age range, it makes it difficult to find something that pleases everyone.

Traditionally, theme parks have been the preserve of older children and thrill-seeking adults, but these parks, especially those in Europe, have followed the USA's model of providing a range of rides and activities that suit all ages.

1. Adults

Just because you're an adult it doesn't necessarily follow that you love thrill rides. Those who do can happily spend all day queuing for roller coasters and water rides, always on the lookout for the scariest experience or the most extreme ride. Others may prefer more sedate boat rides, scenic walks or sophisticated shopping. A park that can cater for the less adventurous parents and grandparents will often manage to lure the whole family through the gates.

2. Teenagers

The majority of teenagers love rides; and the faster, scarier and more daredevil the better. Teens can usually be allowed to roam the park without adult supervision, just meeting up for lunch or for a family ride. The enclosed environment of the park, together with modern safety measures and the convenience of mobile phones mean that teenagers can have their independence and parents can relax.

3. Younger children

Extreme rides have height, and health warnings allow parents to decide what sorts of rides are suitable for younger children. Whilst some kids want to experience the bigger rides, others are happier with theatre shows, low-thrill rides and other experiences.

A theme park that can cater for the whole family offers value for money as well as a great day out. It allows parents to share experiences with their kids, it gives teenagers the independence they need, and it gives everyone something to talk about on the journey home. A good theme park indulges all the senses and usually leaves you wanting more - so why not go back again tomorrow?
About the Author

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