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Roller Coaster History
  The Beginning
  The first American Roller Coaster is born.
  Enter the Eighties
Ride Reviews
Buffalo Bills Hotel and Casino, Primm, NV

First Drop 2Are you ready for one of the best rides of your life. If you're a coaster enthusiast then you certainly are.

Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, just off Interstate 15 there stands one of the best attractions in the world. Hard to miss, the yellow steel structure can be seen for miles, rising from the desert floor at the location better known as stateline.

For a few stateline is the first place to drop a quarter or two, but for us thrill ride freaks stateline home to the Desperado, one of the tallest, fastest steel roller casters in the US.

Designed and custom built by Arrow Dynaamics of Utah, the Desperado is quite a contrast to the surrounding landscape. Combining the latest roller coaster technology and the design techniques, Arrow built a coaster that broke nearly every roller coaster record, which is exactly what Primadonna Resorts set out to accomplish with this attraction. They weren't looking for your average coaster, instead they wanted to give those passing by a reason to stop before heading on to sin city.

Premiering as the tallest, fastest, steepest and longest steel roller coaster in the world, the Desperado fell into a new category called hypercoasters.

Second Drop

First/Second Drop View

A hypercoaster is a steel roller coaster designed with large drops, lots of speed, plenty of airtime and no inversions. Hypercoasters will generally begin with a mind blowing first drop in excess of 200 feet, which is followed by a series of drops, hills and a high-speed turns.

The Desperado begins inside of the hotel as it begins the trip up the 209-foot tall lift hill. Peaking above the hotel room tower, the first drop is incredibly steep and plunges 225-feet and then passes through an underground tunnel.

Guests checking in at the front desk will get a front row view as the trains fly through the tunnel at speeds of up to 80 mph! A definete must see!

After the memorable first drop, the Desperado begins the second drop, a high speed spiral falling 155 feet and again hitting speeds in excess of 70 mph! Riders feel the G's as the train screams by above the parking lot below.

If you've survived so far it's save to say you will survive the rest. Averaging 60 mph the Desperdo trains fly up and over a series of bunny hops delivering some incredible airtime. Hang on tight or just ride the wave of air up and down over and over again.

After the series of hills the track begins to head for home winding its way around the outside of the resort. Picking up speed after a brake run the trains flies towards the drop on the log flume ride and around the outside of a themed mountain before ducking into the inside entering a high-speed upward spiral spin.

Bunny Hops

With only a small dip left the Desperado is coming to an end. Approaching the station it's now time to relax as you've now survived and will be able to claim you've ridden one of the tallest, longest and fastest steel roller coasters in the world.

As the brakes tighten and the train comes to a stop it may be time to catch your breath. But before you step off why no treat yourself to one more ride. Ready to ride again...now thats what we want to hear...and we're certain you won't pass up the opportunity.