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Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA

If you are the type of person who enjoys losing his stomach, this is the ride for you!

Freefall is a first generation Intamin freefall drop ride, built at Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1982. While the ride is no longer considred state-of-the-art by today's standards, it still manages to thrill riders, with its frightening 86-foot drop.

Those daring enough to ride, will step aboard one of eight four-passenger cars. After boarding, your car will slowly advance backwards into the elevator shaft for the trip up the 10-story tall tower.

After reaching the top, your car will slowly advance forwards towards the edge. As you hear the car move into position, you are left waiting for several seconds. Click.....oooohhhhh...

Without any warning you begin your descent, straight down four stories and then into a long L turn. Before you cam gather your senses your car comes to a stop on the runout, with you lying on your back looking up at the sky.

As you wait to return to the loading platform, you begin to reclaim what you lost at the top, your stomach. While Freefall may not be tallest drop ride, it will still manage to take your breath away.

The first photo on the left shows the ride vehicle in position to begin the freefall down the ten story tower. The second photo shows the same vehicle in motion with four passengers experiencing negative g's during the two second 87-foot descent.

You can experience Freefall at Six Flags Magic Mountain, located a half-hour north of Downtown Los Angeles.