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Supreme Scream
Supreme Scream

Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park, Ca

Knott's Berry Farm literally leaped back into the new thrill ride market, virtually overnight, in the summer of 1998.

This popular Southern California theme park had been operating without a major new thrill ride, since the opening of the Boomerang eight years earlier.

Fortunately for thrill ride fans this was to be the year of many changes for Knott's, commencing with the start of construction of the GhostRider, which was followed by the sale of the park to Cedar Fair L.P.

Photo 2Backed by the new resources of Cedar Fair, Knott's management quickly proposed plans to build an incredible new thrill ride in time for the approaching summer season.

Following the lead of it's new sister park Cedar Point, Knott's built the Supreme Scream, a triple-tower Turbo Drop freefall ride, designed by S&S Sports Power, Inc.

Supreme Scream is not for the faint hearted. This is an extreme thrill ride for the experienced thrillseeker.

Standing 325-feet the Supreme Scream is the largest structure in Orange County, topping Knott's own landmark sky tower by 75 feet! The Supreme Scream also took hold of the world record for the tallest freefall thrill ride, quietly stealing away the title from the Power Tower, which opened only two months earlier at sister park Cedar Point.

Passengers are seated in one of twelve outward facing seats on board one of three "scream vehicles" which will rise to a height of 254-feet. From the ground up it may not look that intimidating, but from the top it is a different story.

Photo 4Seated with your feet dangling beneath you, your vehicle will come to a momentary halt upon reaching the top. A momentary hault may feel like an eternity, but with a quick blast of compressed air your suddenly launched down the tower at a speed of 50 mph! Passengers quickly grap the restraints as they loose their stomach and the negative g's lift their rear ends up out of the seat.

Unlike a traditional freefall which ends after the drop. Supreme Scream takes this the thrills to a new dimension by rebounding the vehicles back up the tower for a second drop. The sudden upward rebound results in a postive g-force of up to 4 G's, which is followed by a second freefall. The ride concludes with several smaller bounces back up and down until the vehicle comes to rest at the base of the tower.

Supreme Scream offers thrill-seekers first class thrills and plenty of screams. In all it is a welcome addition to the line up of exciting attractions at Knott's Berry Farm.

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