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Superman The Escape
Supreme Scream

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA

Faster than a speeding bullet...more powerful than a locomotive...louder than a jet airplane...Six Flags Magic Mountain proudly introduces Superman The Escape, the latest, highly anticipated, high-tech thrill ride.

What makes this attraction so special, is that Superman is the first thrill ride to break the one hundred mile-per-hour speed barrier. Fortress of Solitude As a result Six Flag's proudly bills this ride to be the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster and it certainly deserves this recognition.

Standing over forty stories tall, stretching 900 feet and covering over two thirds of the park in an 'L' shaped layout, Superman is a truly impressive ride.

What sets Superman apart from other thrill rides is the impressive technology that propels the vehicles to the 100 mph mark, before they travel up the forty story tower reaching for the sky.

Superman does not use traditional motors or gravity to gain its momentum. Instead the ride uses LSM's, which is short for Linear Synchronous Motors to reach the unprecedented speeds.

Superman The Escape is located atop the hill at Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Samurai Summit section of the park. From atop the hill, Superman looks far less intimidating, compared to looking up at it from the base of the tower. This ride has forever changed the skyline of the park, since it is taller than the landmark sky tower and can be seen from virtually anywhere in the park.

Launch TubeUpon your arrival at the summit, you will be invited to enter the Fortress of Solitude, an icy cavern that leads to Superman's much anticipated launch chamber. Inside the cavern, glowing paints and black lights are used to enhance the icy theme of the Fortress. The final room before boarding, teases the riders by allowing them to hear, but not see, what is happening on the loading platform.

As the doors swing open....riders anxiously enter the launch chamber and board the trains.

Superman's specially designed trains sit fifteen riders in a three, four, four, four configuration. The front and second rows are the best for unobstructed view, since in either of these rows no one sits directly in front of you. Riders are held into the cars by one simple restraint, a lap bar, which will hold you in, but keep the majority of your body free to feel all of the sensations this ride creates.

Superman TowerPrepare for launch....place heads against the headrest and hold on tight....swooooosh!

The initial acceleration is so incredibly powerful (4.5 G's) that it takes a minute to regain your senses and when you do, you realize you are nearing the end of the straightway, but best of all you are flying! Superman takes only seven seconds to reach it's maximum flight speed of 100 mph, an impressive feat.

But wait there's more...the ride has just begun. Soaring at 100 mph, the trains make their way through the curve and for the sky.....up..up..up and away, sailing up the massive tower. Riders seated on the outside of the cars get quite an impressive view or scare when they see just how high they really are! But wait...don't close your eyes, because peering straight down at you from the top of the tower is the man himself, Superman.

Superman TowerSlowly, from a brief stand still, the car reverses directions and begins to freefall backwards, giving riders a weightless experience for six and half seconds! Floating in our seats, falling, the cars quickly gain momentum and once again reach the record 100 mph speed.

The magnetic braking system (LSM's) quickly kicks in, slowing the cars down to a reasonable speed, before re-entering the launch chamber. Amazing indeed, but best of all Superman The Escape does all this in just twenty three seconds...are you ready to ride again?