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What Makes An MBA Degree So Valuable

Firstly, what is an MBA? A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a graduate degree that you can study for through colleges and universities. It initially encompasses a very broad range business management studies, then branches off into more specialized areas such as accounting, marketing or finance from the second year onwards. Having the letters of an MBA degree along side your name gives you a little "something extra" when you start job hunting. But why? what makes these letters after your name any different to any others? It is universally accepted that if you have completed the MBA program, then you have very thorough business training behind you. The harsh reality of the real business world has show that MBA graduates are better equipped to handle the rigors of everyday business than most other business degrees. An MBA is recognized world wide as being a "cut above" an undergraduate business course.

MBA courses are now provided at virtually all well-known colleges and universities, and graduate numbers have increased by 250% in the past decade. In the UK for instance, there are well in excess of 100 business schools offering MBA courses. This massive growth is driven by demand from the employers who prefer MBA graduates ahead of others. To even gain admittance to an MBA course in the US, an applicant must first pass the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT is a set examination directed at determining the aptitude of a candidate for business management studies.

Where as the entrance criteria to most college courses is largely established on academic criteria, MBA courses place a lot greater emphasis on work experience, references, personal interviews, community service and non-business interests as well as academic achievements. The normal MBA degree course covers everything from economics, marketing, international business, finance, information technology management and accounting, right through to government policy and organizational behavior. As MBA's have become more fashionable it is now possible to find courses specializing in these same fields. MBA's are now widely provided online as a distance learning option. The convenience of studying online has seen this study option develop rapidly in popularity in recent times.

An MBA achieved through a properly accredited online organization is just as highly valued in the business world as it's "on campus" equivalent. One word of caution though, some online providers are regarded more highly than others, so look around before you jump into an online study course. The best ones cost no more than the rest.

David Neehly writes on all aspects of the MBA industry on his website, where you'll find many more interesting articles. Don't forget to subscribe to his FREE newsletter, for expert advice, bonus gifts, and the latest news on MBA's.

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