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We're all about thrill rides and theme parks, perfect for thrillseekers! Visit the best theme parks in the US and Canada like Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Six Flags Great Adventure, Cedar Point, Paramount Canada's Wonderland, and so much more! Become a thrillseeker and start touring the best rides around.

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X Roller Coaster LayoutIt's been dubbed the "most anticipated new ride of the decade" and the world's first "Xtreme Coaster", but until January 2002 no one knew for sure. Now the question is did X live up to all the hype?

In December 2000 Los Angeles based Six Flags Magic Mountain literally sent shockwaves through the industry when they announced a massive capital improvement package consisting of three roller coasters. It was by far the largest expansion at the park since its opening in 1971.

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Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

History of Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was Disney's second theme park, opening October 1, 1971. For years, it was the only destination of note within the massive Walt Disney World complex, so most people came to know the park simply as "Disney World." Disney later added Epcot in 1982, the Disney-MGM Studios in 1989 and Disney's Animal Kingdom in 1998. The Magic Kingdom follows pretty much the same layout as California's Disneyland, though on a much larger parcel of land.

What's new at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom?
Pooh's Playful Spot, a Hundred-Acre Wood-themed play area for toddlers opened in Fantasyland in Sept. 2005.

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